The Best Way to Generate Leads

is to employ our BOTs

BOT is the best employee

For routine and repetitive work BOT suits better than a human:

  • Ready to work 24/7 immediately. No onboarding time waist
  • Already `educated` to use best practices in the industry  
  • Needs no salary, no thick lists, always on-time, no hangovers 
  • Will never accept your competitors' job offer, etc, etc, etc

How It Works

The Use Case for Software Outsourcing Business 

Defines Demand

1st BOT surfs the web according to the given parameters, cafeterias and stop-words.
F.e. searches for the demand for software developers on Indeed, LI Job search and 100+ other job-boards. BOT creates a list of defined companies 

Find Decision-makers

2nd BOT uses the list of companies to find there decision-makers according to the given list of titles (CEO, CTO, Team lead, HR, CMO, etc). The BOT creates a database with names, LinkedIn links, etc. Also it verifies if this contact has never existed in the CRM 

Execute the CRM

3rd BOT not only uploads the data to any kind of CRM system but also can execute a variable number of actions there: from setting up the reminder for the sales managers up to the complicated campaigns launching (according to existing business processes)

The Best Lead Generation Deal

Our subscription is 2x-4x times more attractive than human lead-generator    



  • Actual Updates
  • Online Support
  • Able for Customization 
  • Cloud Storage



  • Actual Updates
  • Online Support
  • Able for Customization
  • Cloud Storage


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